What do we know so far about Kona Slots?

What do we know so far about Kona Slots?

Kona Slots

The Ironman championship doesn’t come with rules. It allows people to test their limits and every year thousands of athletes apply to be included in the line of Ironman championship but only a few make it to the participation. Be that in thousand, their journey goes through different processes and personal endeavours, but after all, that, what matters is that whether they made it or not, and for the dropped ones, tomorrow never dies.


There are various ways of competing for the Ironman Championship and if you are a person who has what it takes for his passion, a little money on a lifetime experience wouldn’t hurt. The Kona slots are offered on eBay for Five weeks. However, it’s not easy to get with many of the people trying the same thing. The opening of the Kona Auction on eBay is $25000. The revenue generation goes for donations and other purposes.


Age divisions:

The Ironman XC series event will have two age divisions – 49 and below and 50 and above. A slot championship will be awarded to each of the X – age division, whereas an Ironman Championship slot, will also be awarded to the athlete with the best finish followed by the athlete with the second-best percentile. Athletes with the best personal record will also be awarded One additional IRONMAN World Championship slot.  Two slots will be there for a division.


Like other championships, Ironman has its own. The slots are non-transferrable and in case there is no winner for a PR challenge, the challenge slot will be converted into the XC Age division slot and offered to the next athlete in the division who has the next best percentile.


There is a certain limitation for the participation in the Ironman championship. You should’ve complete three full-distance IRONMAN events. The PR times will be calculated on a percentile basis. You can win a PR challenge slot only once. The ruling has been in place since 2011.


The Ironman lottery was in place until 2015, however, it was scrapped by a legislative ruling. The lottery fee was $50 and if selected, you had to pay the nominal fee to participate. The lottery gave a chance to win slots in the championship, but the service is no longer active.

Legacy programs:

Legacy programs:

There is currently a legacy program of Ironman in place which gives a chance to participate in the world’s hardest one-day sporting event. Athletes can get this opportunity once in a life-time given that they must have finished 12 full-distance IRONMAN-branded races, completed at least one full IRONMAN in each of the last two years and registered for a full-distance IRONMAN event in the current year.


There are military division slots and qualifying events. These slots are reserved for the armed and military personnel from any nation. In 2014, 20-qualifying slots were offered to the military division. WTC reserves a separate quota of slots for the military personnel.


Ever since the inception of Ironman, the event has changed a lot. With larger participation and opening of spaces for the athletes with impairments, Ironman has learned the art of approaching the participants. Held in Hawai at the fall of every year, only a few thousands of athletes out of tens of thousands of applicants make it to the frontline. Though the lottery system has been abolished, there are various ways to make it to the Ironman championship. With this year’s Championship being held in October, it’s no doubt that new records will be set and new faces will emerge.


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