The Ironman slots

The Ironman slots

Ironman slots

Unlike the other sporting events, the Ironman approaches the world differently. Every year it allows the athletes from various countries to test their preparations, skills, and experience. Even though the event is considered the hardest one-day, the final trophy is worth it. In all this participation has a lot of selection process and with the overwhelming response that the championship gets from the people, it’s obvious there needs to be an aggressive selection process to get the cream in the game.

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The championship is versatile and with the various options available to you, eBay is one of the easiest for a person who wouldn’t mind spending few bucks for the ultimate prize. The slots in the event are offered for five weeks, though it must be borne in mind that the slot is a hard space to get as it attracts a lot of people. The initial Kona auction starts at 25,000.


There are limitations in matters of participation and as far as the eligibility is concerned, you are supposed to be at least eighteen or older to be competing. However, in addition to that, you must have full-distance Ironman events.


There is no point in discussing this, but for the sake of the argument, there has been a lottery system through which the participants were selected. Unfortunately, the system was scrapped utilizing law and the only way for the race is through the race now. The initial fee was $50.

Legacy programs:

To compensate for the absence of the lottery system, there is a legacy program currently in progress. It allows the player to participate in the championship under certain rules that imp;e that you must’ve finished 12 full-distance IRONMAN-branded races or one full Ironman.


Above all, the military from the participating countries can apply for the slots as there are many of them reserved for them. Just in the year 2014, about twenty slots were offered to the military division in California. There are a separate process and selection for the person of this quota.

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With the opening of the slots in 1997 for people with disabilities, Ironman has become the hardest, all-inclusive event, the mention of which is everywhere. Furthermore, the growing numbers of female participants in the events hint towards the shifts in participation. Held at the fall of the year, the championship is something to look out for. Though the aggressive promotion by the organizers has been one of the reasons why the championship has carved a name for itself, as the world moves on to a new era, the need for new methods of promotion and advert5isement is more crucial. In addition to this, the participation is set to increase, the gender ratio is about to change and as far as experience is concerned, the packed people in the event or the glued to the screen are self-evident to its popularity. Even though it’s yet to have its share of popularity, there is no denying in enthusiasm among the crowds.

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