The Allocation of Kona Slots

The Allocation of Kona Slots

kona Slots

The Ironman World Championship is something that people look forward to every single year. Regardless of the turnout, there are few loyal fans who would branch out of boundaries and come forward to view this spectacular event. By all means, we need to appreciate the efforts of these athletes, as they come forward by eliminating all odds to take a leap of hope. But amongst the cheerful crowd, there are also individuals who look forward to the allocation of slots. They tend to think about the process and how it gets shaped. So, to help out, these enthusiastic individuals here’s all that you need to know about the process.

Age Groups

Experienced individuals have come out and spoken about the age groups and how things get allocated in this manner. While it is not right to say that the age group is the only criteria, it is essential to note that the age group is an essential one. Taking races like Los Cabos will give you the right idea about the same. Predicting for these races may seem like the ideal way out since we are all hungry for information. So once you have a look at the Ironman New Zealand database, you will have a right clue about the same. It clearly displays that if around 8% of these age groups were females (40-44), then the slots are allocated to that particular category.



Another way to find out and learn all about the allocation can be through comparisons. Yes, that’s right. With the required amount of data, you can compare every year’s process and finalise upon moves. By all means, this is a strategy that works, and you can be sure about the same. Numerous people have conducted this experiment, and they have come forward with positive results. But an important factor that you need to understand is the validity of data. If they are not valid or true, then the entire process will fall flat. Since that predicts a bad output, you need to be sure about the sources of this information. This is where all your research pays off, and you need to bank on the same.


You might not be an expert, but this process could make sense to you. People who are provided with sufficient information always tend to come forward and make matters for the best. Since they understand the importance of the outcome, things tend to go according to their plan. For this purpose, you need to look into various processes and understand the importance of age groups. Since the events conducted vary in categories, you can be sure about the process to a large extent. Hence, go ahead and try it out for yourself.


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