Soda Drinker PRO!

Soda Drinker PRO!

Every now and then, a game comes along which takes the world by storm and even revolutionises the way we think about video games.

For me and plenty of others, the most recent example of this was Bioshock Infinite. It was a practically flawless example of why games should be considered as art – high art, at that – and I’ve been wondering how long we’d be waiting until something at this level of brilliance would hit the market.

Not long, apparently.

Since the full version of Soda Drinker Pro (the premier in software in the first person soda drinking genre) is now on Steam Greenlight, I took some time out to chat with creator Will Brierly as part of a N00bs on a Plane interview. We talked about his trials and tribulations getting the game onto Steam, the nostalgic joy of old arcade machines and the possibility that his cat has eaten a peice of dead old woman.

As is the protocol for the show, we conducted our chinwag while trying to land a plane. Not only did we attempt a landing at one of the world’s most difficult airports, but we took to the skies in a full-sized passenger plane.

Here’s how it went down, though you might want to click here if you want to watch it in super-duper 1440p quality (which is one notch below me coming around your house and doing the interview there).

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