Kona Ironman Championship

Kona Ironman Championship

Kona Ironman Championship

Sports championships offer the world what it looks for; the champions, however, in this case, the Ironman is different. The events category in sports and competition is a lot different than the others, thanks to its all-inclusive approach which has made it a unique event to be in. The initial and the first match was held in the year 1978, but skin the organizers realized that it needed to include the people with disabilities also. As of now, this is the toughest competition on the planet in a one-day category.

Qualification events

Qualification events:

Just like the other competitions of the world, Ironman attracts athletes from more than 60 countries where 80,000+ people apply for the qualification. The selection process is strict that picks the best of the best to be allowed to the final race. The events offer chances to people of all ages, genders, and provides them the opportunity to make it to the top players of the event. In addition to that, the positions are for every group, and the players are segregated based on their registration and ages.


This was the most popular way of getting selected for the championship. The ticket cost $50. However, in 2015 the process was scrapped and now the players are to compete in the races for the final selection. Though the history of the selection through the lottery dates back to 1983, it was deemed unnecessary to be allowed to continue. On the other side, there is a legacy program that under some rules allows the players to be selected for the race.

eBay Auction:

Little less is known among the general population about the eBay auction that offers a decent spot in the championship via the auction of the website. Usually, the auction is held in April and the slot is offered to the highest bidder. The initial bid is $10,000. The most important thing about the slot is that it is offered to any bidder who can subdue the others and make it to the top. The money generated by the auction is credited to the Ironman Foundation. Furthermore, there is also a special category for military personnel. This can include the military from any country that is intending to participate in the event. In California, there are 20 slots reserved for the military.

eBay Auction


There are multiple ways of participating in the event. From the auction to the races, but at the end of the day, the sport is tough, strewn with the rocky path and only the strongest will lift it. However, due to the unprecedented pandemic, the event has suffered a setback, but as the world moves on and walk to a new era, it can be trusted that the organizers of the championship are considering the new changes of the modern world and taking necessary steps to adapt to the paradigms. In the end, the players, as well as the organizers, are waiting for the new season as the audience waiting for its dose of enjoyment as we face the new year head-on.

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