Things to keep in mind while betting for the 2020 Ironman Championship

Things to keep in mind while betting for the 2020 Ironman Championship

Ironman Championship

The history of the Ironman Championship dates back to 1978 when the games were first held in Oahu, Hawai. The championship also incorporated a Physically Challenged Category in 19997. Organized by World Triathlon Corporation, the Ironman Championship is a culmination of series of Triathlon qualification races held around the world. The total prize money of the Championship is 650,000 USD prize, with $120,000 going towards the players. Though the championship receives lesser audience compared to football or cricket, it is no doubt loaded with fun and a lot of breath-taking adrenaline.

Know what you’re into:

It would be disastrous to bet on something which you do not know well. Before the championship starts, it’s time to start digging. Whatever you could find and understand, get it. To have thorough knowledge about the championship is what will assist you in the process of betting. Furthermore, research a little and see the previous games. It will give you an insight into the championship. If you’re wagering your money, you should know what you are betting on and how the thing works. You also need to know you are betting with safe, secure and legal bookies. helps you find the best bookies to place your bets in your region. After all, when you are wagering your hard-earned money you would like to know you are placing your bet with someone who takes you seriously, knows what they are doing and who gives you the very best odds on the Ironman Championship. With no information, you would have a feeling of an enigma, and betting is not about wishing but calculating.

Know what you’re into


This year’s championship will feature 64 countries on the start line. This means that the championship will be loaded with more athletes and lots of activities. You can follow the race online, either on its website or YouTube. There has been a change in the winning of athletes. Earlier Australia was dominating the Championship with six titles but the dynamics have shifted towards Europe.

United States:

The US is the only country that will be represented the most. Its 804 competitors amount to 33 percent of the applicants. All fifty states of the US are included with the highest number of Athletes coming from California (153), Colorado (51), Hawaii (49), New York (46) and Florida and Texas (45 each). With so many athletes coming from the US, it’s obvious that this year’s games will see the new records and an extended version of the championship.


There has been an increase in the participation of the female participants in the Championship, however, male athletes continue to dominate the scene with 70% percent of participants being male and 30% being female.

XTERRA world champion:

The Olympic Cyclist Michael Weiss of Austria will be participating in the Championship. The controversial cyclist will try to set a bike course record. However, it remains to see as to what extent will he take his ride to make his mark in the championship.

XTERRA world champion

Lottery Program:

The Ironman Championship won’t have participants from the Kona Lottery Program. Previously the Athletes, if selected through the lottery program, paid the minimal fee to participate, but the thing was scrapped in 2015. So this year also, no one will come through Kona.


There are many speculations about who will be the one to lift the Championship title. Jan Frodeno (+175) has been the favorite of the bookies. He already has two gold to his name. Apart from him, Patrick Lange and Cameron Wulf are players with higher chances. It remains to see how the games will deliver on the Odds.


The Ironman Championship 2020 will be held in Hawaii on 10, October organized by the WTC (World Triathlon Corporation) which includes -mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run. It’s considered one of the hardest single-day sporting events in the world. Apart from the sports activities, the championship acts as an awareness campaign about the disabled people and has been including athletes with impairments since 1997.

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