Things we know about the 2020 Kona Allocations

Things we know about the 2020 Kona Allocations

Kona Allocations

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This year’s championship will be held in October. Every year thousands of participants apply for the event but only two thousands end up on the frontline of the event. It’s estimated around 80,000 people apply for participation. Among the various ways to qualify for the event, the event has been dubbed the hardest one-day sporting event of the world, but the excitement and culture of coherence it establishes are worth everything. Apart from all that, the one-day sporting event has its share in the betting market and attracts quite a decent number of interested bettors.


The race of Oct-Nov will be held in NewZealand and will include contest swim in one of the largest fresh-water lakes. Furthermore, a bike course around the rural landscape of the NewZealand will add beauty to the game.

Slot distribution:

The preliminary slot distribution is already out on the official website. Hawaii has 30 slots to its name with a total number of slots allocated to the races. Though eBay and other forms of qualifying results are yet to be determined it wouldn’t be unwise to take a look on the official website to understand how the things are going on. If you’re intending to bet on the event, it’s a vital step to keep a watch over the developments of the event. Being aloof will serve no purpose in the betting.


How slots are allocated in the Ironman championship is itself a fascinating process. The slots are offered in proportion to the age group, allocating one slot per group. The process itself is full of algorithms and complex calculations. It’s easy manually but with software, a minor mistake will create a blunder. The figures and races are categorized mathematically in such a way that the distribution of the slots is uniform devoid of any confusion. Betting is a game of numbers and the more good you are with numbers, the better you will be on the filed.

Patrick Lange:

Patrick Lange:

The player confronted Frodeno in the 2019 championship. He already has 2017 and 2018 course records in his name, however, he couldn’t pull it off in 2019. Despite the turn of events in 2019, Patrick is in an excellent form and set to give a hard competition in the games of 2020. Both Patrick and Frodeno hail from Germany and it would be fascinating of a competition to see both of the athletes contesting for the final cup.

eBay auctions:

The e-commerce giant features an auction for the slots in April. This is very important as the auction will add more participants to the event. The auction continues for four weeks and every week a slot is made available for the event. The initial bid starts at $10,000. It would be foolish to overlook its importance.


The event will start in October and unlike previous times, the participants will be higher. There will be extended military slot participation making the process of betting more exciting. There still slots to be filled but what needs attention is the popular athletes making comeback or participating in the game. It would be clever to dig up the recent performance of the players to stay ahead.


The event will see the participation of around 64 countries and with the advancements in the training and coaching of the athletes, it remains to see which race will finally lift the hardest one-day sporting title of the world. Whether that be an underdog or a new face, the thing that is guaranteed that the betting crowd will be fully loaded with excitement.

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