Ways in which you can gauge the Ironman Kona odds

Ways in which you can gauge the Ironman Kona odds

Ironman Kona odds

As the name itself states, the event is not for the faint of heart and there is no other way than to participate with all the mettle you have. It’s considered one of the hardest one-day sports events with 64 of the world’s countries participating. From 1997 the WTC allowed the disabled athletes to participate in the special category but the cut-off is at par with the abled-bodies. With thousands of participants ready to be part of the event, it remains to see what else will come out of the day?


The game is pretty simple. You have to cover 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling, and 42.195 km running, in a single day. The rules remain the same for all of the participants except for the fact that the slots are distributed in proportion to age groups. The event provides an opportunity for people from various backgrounds to showcase their mettle and lift off the title.

Jan Frodeno:

Jan Frodeno

Jan hails from Germany and is considered one of the best with two gold medals to his account. Olympic Cyclist Michael Weiss of Austria will try to set his course record but the controversial athlete has a bad image of being disqualified. Patrick Lange will love the comeback as the athlete set his course record in 2018. Hailing from Germany, Patrick will also confront Jan Frodeno in the event. Patrick Lange is considered to be an all-time favorite in the event.


Daniela Ryf is the best in the field but with skilled participants in the event, we are in for an interesting battle. Though the athlete has been in her prime in 2018, this year’s participants will throw a hard competition for Ryf. As far as curiosity is concerned, it will continue to hike up.

Against the Odds:

Underdog is the most favorite part of the odds. However, it’s unlikely to know who will win but if you have a keen eye and know how to track and spot little differences in the game, you can bet against the odds. Ironman is all about Underdog and its unprecedented. If you knew how the betting underdog plays out and you spotted it anyhow, you can be sure of a victory.


To identify the destination of your bet, you need to understand the betting process. Moreover, dig up the history of the element which you’re betting upon. It gives us an insight into the game and whether it’s the step in the right direction or not. The search helps in directing us to where should we place our money. Betting is all about numbers and you need numbers to determine the outcome of your wager. Though certain things are probabilities few things require deeper understanding.



The researches have shown that anthropology and age are factors in performance. There are also finding that athletes from the “first world” perform differently. However, nobody knows about the outcome but based on previous performances, one can only predict and read.


Ironman attracts quite a crowd to itself. Not just participating crowd but the betting crowd. From reading odds of winning to understanding the game patterns, betting is a serious business that doesn’t skip the fun. With games being held in October and participants getting ready to compete, the betting is taking its own time to prepare for yet another trip. Whatever may be the outcome of the games, one thing is certain that the event is not just a sporting event but holds an important space in the human development and its history encourages people to do what they deem difficult.

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