The betting prediction for 2020 Ironman Championship

The betting prediction for 2020 Ironman Championship

Ironman championships

The Ironman Championship is considered to be the hardest one-day sporting event. Ever since its beginning in Hawaii, the Ironman championship is held every year at the fall of the year. With this year’s Ironman expected to be held in October, athletes from 64 countries are expected to participate in the events. Though it’s too early to make predictions, some athletes do stand out from the rest and have aa image of their own.

Jan Frodeno:

Jan Frodeno

The name has its reputation in the Ironman championship. The athlete has two gold medals to his name. The honor comes from the games between 2015 and 2016. His odds during the 2019 game were at +175. With quite a setback to his career in 2018, the Athlete has picked up his pace. If we consider the strongest players to lift the title in the 2020 Ironman championship, Jan Frodeno seems to be a fair choice. Though the games are unprecedented, based on his recent performance, the chances seem higher.

XTERRA world champion:

The Olympic Cyclist Michael Weiss of Austria will be participating in the Championship. The controversial cyclist will try to set a bike course record. However, it remains to see as to what extent will he take his ride to make his mark in the championship.

Patrick Lange:

The player confronted Frodeno in the 2019 championship. He already has 2017 and 2018 course records in his name, however, he couldn’t pull it off in 2019. Despite the turn of events in 2019, Patrick is in an excellent form and set to give a hard competition in the games of 2020. Both Patrick and Frodeno hail from Germany and it would be fascinating of a competition to see both of the athletes contesting for the final cup.

Patrick Lange:

The United States:

Among the other countries, the United States will be the most represented country in the Ironman. With 804 competitors, the country will try to dominate the event. Mark Allen is the man with the most number of Ironman awards to his name, but the percentage of the US participation is higher and with high amounts being spent on the training and coaching of the players, the country will put out the tough competition for its competitors. One thing obvious, no matter the prediction, a higher number of participation from different countries will just add to the enthusiasm of the Ironman championship.

Cameron Wurf:

An Olympic champion, 36-year-old Cameron is a potential winner in this year’s championship. His odds at winning in 2019 were +1000. In 2018, he finished in a 9th place but the Aussie athlete has a World Rowing U23 Championships won in 2003 in his bag. Apart from this, he is a national champion in Australia. He made his debut as the Triathlete in the year of 2016. With enhanced skills in cycling and rowing, the hopes on Cameron are high as the athlete has the ability to surprise his fans.

Cameron Wurf


Each year Ironman championships are held in Hawaii. The yearly event sees thousands of participants competing for the ultimate prize of becoming an Ironman. With separate and particular slots, the WTC has made the selection process much more convenient and reliable. Though certain rules have been abolished new doors of participation are opened. With thousands of athletes set to take part in the Ironman championship, it remains to see what new faces will dominate the event and as far as the predictions are concerned, the human ability is beyond understanding and none can visualize its full potential let alone predict it. Though there is a somewhat accurate calculation, the assumption can morph into reality or just fade away.

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