A Look Back at the 2019 Ironman World Championship

A Look Back at the 2019 Ironman World Championship

Iron made

For fans, the Ironman World Championship is considered to be bigger than football, and they also describe it as their very own Superbowl. By all means, this is an individual’s perspective that comes from sheer excitement and love for the sport that makes them happy. So these statements stand to be true for them and we need to be glad about the same. Looking back, the 2019 Ironman World Championship was nothing short of a miracle and the sport looked better than ever. With surprises and classic moments, the event was colourful like never before. So to enjoy all those moments once again here’s a recap.

Talented Amateurs


Although fans kept their eyes open looking for professionals, it was the newcomers that stole a major part of the show. Numerous athletes stood to be eligible as they entered either through Kona or through the Ironman Legacy Program. Apart from, specific individuals also got qualified through the Ironman Foundation and things only moved towards the better part. By all means, it was also quite safe to say that athletes from all over the world were present for this event, taking it to unimaginable places. Children were also on top since many of them took the swim and come out with glorified attention and deserving applause. Hence, as far as the newcomers are concerned, it is quite safe to say that they will never be forgotten.

The Ben Hoffman Show

Professional Triathlete Ben Hoffman

Professional Triathlete Ben Hoffman was present to shoot a segment for Ironman’s morning show, and fans couldn’t keep in their excitement. The athlete spoke about the event and also about various events that have transpired in his own life. Since spring, this Arizona resident has been known to swim for the H2X challenger, and he even considered it to be his favourite training tool. Throughout this detailed interview, Hoffman also opened about his life and hinted about his personal events. The athlete spends a lot of time with his wife Kelsey and the couple have also welcomed a new person to their family. Yes, that’s right. The newborn is named Josie, and her parents have various plans for her, starting with teaching her to swim.

Bonding Time

There was a lot of family time involved in various segments that also included professionals and aspiring triathletes. Their passion and energy are second to none since they have shown extraordinary talent in the field. By all means, it was quite eventful to see various individuals turn up and make the most out of everything. Towards the end, things looked great, and everyone was already anxious to know more about the 2020 event. Although we are aware of its occurrence, people have no clue about further details.

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