What’s all this about, then? Describe it in one sentence or somehow less.

‘Iron Man Mode’ is a gaming/humour blog in which a group of fools play some classic and current games in – now, this is the clever bit – Iron Man Mode.

In fact, we’ll allow our friend and yours Dan Bull (with a cheeky cameo from Johnny Depp) explain:

For more info on the set-up of the site, check out this interview I did with PlusXP.

Interest piqued. Do continue.

Iron Man Mode is a method of play in which the gamer does not save their progress at any point, which is cool for two reasons -

1) Once the player dies, all is lost. This results in a heavier focus on caution and forethought, and makes the dangerous elements of the game a heck of a lot more terrifying.

2) It makes the player an absolute bad-ass. People who regularly play games in Iron Man Mode are legally allowed, and actively encouraged, to loudly declare how boss they are whilst at any social occasion (including, but not limited to: weddings, parent/teacher meetings, visits to the zoo and PETA protests).

Seems like a fun way to play video games. But how does that tie into writing blogs? 

In a nutshell, as we play through a game, we write about how it works out for us and what we’re getting up to. Occasionally we do video series, too. We try to keep the reading comedic as well as accesible whether you’ve played the game or not, but tensions are heightened for one reason…

… If we die in-game, the blog is also comes to an abrupt end. If you’re following along at the time that happens, you get to share in with the grief of loss. Lucky you!

So where do I start?

Check out this page. Click on any game that takes your fancy. Any games which we’ve finished (read: failed at) are generally down the bottom in all their archived glory, and the newer ones tend to be up the top.

Did I hear correctly that it’s for charity?

Your ears serve you well! We are indeed doing this for charity, specifically as part of our Child’s Play fundraiser. Details of that can be found here. Do consider chipping in a dollar if you enjoy Iron Man Mode.

Who’s on the team?

Zeke Iddon - comedy writer and owner of Iron Man Mode: The Blog and another, stagnating humour site which is nothing to do with games. He insists on describing himself as a casual gamer, despite getting a World Record for playing Guitar Hero continuously for approximately a billion years.

EmCeeKhan - Also known as McClaud, he’s a savvy political commentator, gaming god and also a semi-professional DJ. So basically the coolest guy on the site, really. McClaud enjoys playing through simulation, strategy and role-playing games. Maybe all three at once, maybe not. You may want to take the following info into consideration when reading his posts – he enjoys vanillia ice cream. You can totally visit visit his main site here. Totally.

Russell Preece: Technical guru in charge of web hosting and fixing the site when Zeke breaks it, approximately three times a day with a break on Sundays.

Fallen gamers:

Allahweh – Jessica ‘Allahweh’ Brown is our resident lady gamer and authority on all the obscurest titles you never knew existed. With that in mind, she’s covered some oft-overlooked gems as well as the odd MMORPG behemoth and runs a gaming blog/podcast over at her site.

Damien Sanderson - We’re not sure who this guy is, to be honest. He’s played EVE Online for the site as well as a few other special features, but keeps sending me his contributions via the postal service. I’ve come to associate the envelopes on my doorstep, the address glued on using cut-out letters from magazines, with both joy and fear.

So what are you guys playing?

Have a squizz over at this page to see what games we’ve been monkeying around in, what status they’re in currently and who wrote ‘em. Also see here for the special features, and don’t forget to check out the YouTube channel for audio-visual treats.

I want to suggest a game / talk about partnership / say hello / tell you a joke!

I want all of these things to happen, and more! Reach out and tickle my beard using a variety of methods here.


Want to join the team? Email admin if you think you’ve got what it takes! Please note that YOU DO NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.