Donate (To Char-ah-taay!)

Iron Man Mode: offers no deep insight into gaming, is badly formatted, takes up heaps of our time, isn’t nearly as funny or original as I make it out to be…

But hey, at least it’s for charity!

In the first year of operation, we managed to raise $1015 for the fantastic Child’s Play, a charity which buys books, toys and games for children stuck in hospitals around the globe. It’s a great cause which both gamers and non-gamers can rally behind.

We then reset the counter and shot for an extra $2000. Not only did we hit target, but thanks (in part) to the 3-day non-stop livestream marathon we managed to raise over $2,800!

Unfortunately the widget then broke (I never saw the final total) so we’ve reset the counter again. I’ve reset the goal to a more modest $1000 purely because the site is currently on hiatus, although I’ve since released a long-forgotten album (donors of any amount will get the extended edition).

Anyway, if you enjoy our comedy joke-em-ups here on the site, the very best way of showing your appreciation is by donating (even if it’s only a single dollar!)  No registration needed, it takes about 20 seconds and your donation goes straight to where its needed.

Anyone that donates gets some pretty cheap advertising, too! Just whack through whatever cash you feel is appropriate, then hit me up on zeke [at] ironmanmode com and let us know what you’re up to. We’ll make sure it gets a decent plug, as well as a permanent link back to whatever it is you’re promoting.

If you’re not in a position to contribute in a monetary sense, don’t fret. You can still help out in a way that is would make me want to come round your house, cook you something lovely and give you a hug:

Talk about Iron Man Mode.

Every short blog post, tweet or Facebook mention about our fundraising efforts increases the chance of a monocle-wearing Victorian billionaire finding out about the charity. Even if that doesn’t happen, everyone you tell about this site will love you unconditionally for bringing something this brilliant and funny to their attention.

Doing something equally good that we should be sharing? Talk to us.