Alright, guv’nahs! Nate is taking a summer vacation to London on the behest of his dad. Will he make it through with just one life, or will his poor career choices in London get him killed quicker than the extortionate rental prices on 2-bedroom apartments?

Hellgate: Chapter Two – And Into the Hellfire

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 | 1 comment

February 9th cont. So there I was, running away … strategically … yeah, strategically retreating from the biggest demon I had ever seen. At the time it was the biggest demon, because I hadn’t really seen any demons larger than a mere bulldog. I was clearly in trouble, since it was bearing down on me and all I had were my bolter pistols to try and kill it. Wait. I’m an Engineer. I have DRONES for this kind of thing! God I suck at remembering stuff. After a few minutes, with their help, there’s one very large DEAD demon in front of me. It collapses with all the...

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Hellgate: Chapter One – Out of the Frying Pan

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February 9th So I’m finally back from finding that lost scientist guy named Fawkes. Last time I wrote, I was going down into the Piccadilly Underground, which was dark and spooky looking. I was a little timid going down there, considering Hell had broken loose. Figuratively. However, after slowly creeping down several escalators with my pistols drawn, I found this was just another safe zone. Guarded by Templars and other dudes. I found the techsmith dude who’s supposed to be telling me where to find Dr. Fawkes. He looked a little depressed. It seems he fled when the professor guy...

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Hellgate London: Introduction

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  July 6th If you’re reading this, then I must have died. I decided to keep a journal of my tour to London shortly after I arrived. Mostly for you, father, since you sent me here. “Go see Europe,” you said, “Expand your horizons. Enjoy the world. Have a pint of English stout and check out the ladies.” Well, bollocks to you, dad. No sooner than I arrived than the Hellgate in London opened, plunging everything into the dark abyss of the End Times. There’s no stout to be had. There’s no good looking ladies to look at. There’s no world to...

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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Scorned Video Game

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To purge my brain of Magical Diary, I decided I should play a game of endless, needless, mindless combat. Since I do so well playing and writing about MMO’s, why not do another one? One that was meant to be played either as a single player game or a multiplayer game. Made by the guys who brought you this: But wanted to play something more futuristic like this: A great game was conceived and it held up, for the most part, as a decent video game that provided thousands of people fun for about 10 years. Until the company hosting the servers – Flagship Studios – died and took...

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