Will No Man’s Sky revolutionise modern gaming?

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Despite 2016 having already treated us with some seriously impressive titles such as Overwatch, and Doom 4, it looks like the best is yet to come as it’s hoped that we’ll finally be getting to play No Man’s Sky in less than two months.


This Hello Games release has captured the public’s imagination for well over a year now thanks to the developer’s promise that it will be the first game that truly fulfils the open-world potential of the PlayStation 4.

No Man’s Sky has managed to achieve this by delivering a procedurally generated gaming universe that would take the average gamer five billion years to explore! But it’s not just the near infinite gaming options that have helped make this adventure title so fascinating, as the sheer wonder of the beautifully realised graphical world has also helped ensure that it’s becoming one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2016.

Already we’ve seen the likes of Steven Spielberg and technological visionary Elon Musk showing their enthusiasm for the innovative survival game. And its eventual release could signal a watershed moment for what’s already been a ground-breaking year for games that have sought to advance beyond the traditional arcade gaming format.

For example, fans of narrative adventure games have already been treated with the likes of Uncharted 4 that took the exploits of its star Nathan Drake to its incredible conclusion. And there’s certainly no end to the excitement to be had, nor to the riches that can be won at the Lucky Nugget casino site who also use their blog to show us which games can provide the most surprising examples of big winnings in the casino realm that once again shows the limitless potential of modern gaming.

It’s impressive titles and gaming genres like these that have upped the stakes for No Man’s Sky to deliver what should be the next chapter of gaming. However, with an endless series of delays causing a massive amount of frustration for fans who ordered the title, there are those who are hoping that this won’t be yet another high profile game like Destiny that ultimately fails to deliver on the hype.

Despite the reservations, it seems that No Man’s Sky will be released on 9 August and with just the tiniest of sneak peaks showing a brief montage and a new image at this month’s E3 gaming conference, it looks like it will join those online slots games as being one of the most popular gaming hits of 2016.


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  3. This game is actually something new. Like Minecraft in space! This game is awe inspiring, massive universe to explore, resources to gather, ships to acquire, Endless fun, very laid back and fun.
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