5 All-time Best Zombie Games

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The mayhem that zombies create has always been particularly interesting among game creators thanks to the zombie killin’ thirst among gamers. With the Walking Dead TV series this genre has become popular again, although the video game has been awfully disastrous. Don’t even think of playing it!

The Zombie theme is popular in various types of games, from PC games to casino games, although I haven’t seen much Zombie themed slot games for real money that Aussies call pokies, those funny and joyful people. Nevertheless, here are 5 all-time best zombie games.

Zombies Ate My Neighbours


This is not just a zombie game, but Konami’s relic of the 1990s and an ode to the zombie genre. It was released in 1993 to be more exact, and can be played on Super Nintendo if you happen to own one and manage to find the game somewhere, god knows where. It was also available for Sega. In the game you control one of two characters and you have to kill lots of zombies to get through the fifty five stages of killing mayhem. The game was very simple but very enjoyable top-down shooter game. It’s a fine mix of horror and comedy, and has one hell of a retro artwork.

Dead Space 2


Ah, Dead Space, one of the best survival sci-fi horror and zombie games. The game setting is extremely terrifying and represents an odyssey of terror and madness. The first Dead Space game was also great, while Dead Space 3 was great for multiplayer gaming, but the middle sequel is outstandingly scary. Even the bravest gamers can get terrified when playing Dead Space 2.

Dead Rising 2


Another sequel with the word ‘dead’, but this one from Capcom, the king of arcades. It’s a game where you can use everything possible to kill zombies which makes it one of the most badass games. The goal is to survive a zombie breakout in Las Vegas, and how can you defend yourself if you can’t use everything that comes to your hand? Do you see a guitar nearby? Just pick it up and start bashing their heads, just like you would if there was a real zombie apocalypse.

This was the most appealing thing in this game without a doubt. This second sequel has much better in-game mechanics than the first one, and a better artificial intelligence, and you can manufacture weapons from different objects that you find in the game. The best weapon so far: a Wolverine claw made of knives and boxing glove!

The Last of Us


This generation of gamers has seen some truly great releases and The Last of Us is one of those. It’s set in a world overtaken by zombies and you have to travel through America with a companion girl called Ellie. Of course, along the way you can kill some zombies for fun or as part of the missions. The game mechanics make this one a very immersive game. In the end you will be so deeply attached to the characters that you’ll wish the game never ended. It has a very tense and heartbreaking tone and has a big cinematic quality.

Resident Evil: The Remake


There is no way for a zombie games list to go without a Resident Evil release, and in this list we decided to go with the 2002 remake. The first Resident Evil released from 1996 was a groundbreaking game in the survival horror genre and the 2002 release was a tribute to it. It was a triumph as a stand-alone adventure and a major accomplishment as a remake, the game with which Capcom perfected the art. They took everything great from this franchise and turned into something even more frightening and suited for the 21st century gamer. Even though more than a decade has passed since it was released, it’s still lodged deeply in the hearts of zombie and horror fans.

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