Harm Your Baby – Nicotine Dream [2001]

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In 2001, a couple of hormonal, spotty teenagers figured they’d try their hand at creating a new genre of metal. Crossing influences as varied as System of a Down, The Prodigy, cheap deoderant and Rolf Harris, the band Harm Your Baby was born (still birth). It was a ridiculous “pro-smoking” band designed to offend both sensibilities and ears, and only one total abortion of an album was produced.

I thought this album was lost, but someone sent in a copy and it truly is as daft as I remember. I listened to it for the first time in years:


Most of the tracks featured in the above video (as well as a couple of ones that weren’t) are now up on Soundcloud. It has been digitally remastered to edit out all the good bits, and the production quality has been fully revamped to sound even worse for 2015:


The actual album is 20 tracks long, so there’s a lot more garbage that I didn’t put on Soundcloud. Some of them are so horrific they’ll never be released, but if you’re either A) a Zeke Iddon purist, B) A hardcore metal fan, or C) deaf, then you may enjoy the extended edition of Nicotine Dream?

Donate whatever amount you want to the Child’s Play charity fundraiser, include your email address with the donation, and I’ll send you a .zip full of mp3s as well as a personal note:

The extended edition includes a bunch of other tracks, including a live mix:

- Just War
- The Riot Channel
- Elm Street
- Possessed
- The Hated
- Harm Your Baby – ‘own sense of time’ dark house mix (recorded live in 2012)

If you want to offer me a record deal, then I have no idea why you’re doing well in the record industry but fire me an email I guess? Same goes for anyone who has so little taste in music that they’d call themselves a fan of Harm Your Baby – you can send in fan mail/art: zeke [at] ironmanmode.com

If you’re my long-lost guitarist Dave Kaye, hit me up my man. I can’t seem to find you anywhere. Hopefully you’re not dead.

- Zeke x
Twitter: @ironmanmode

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