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Sports apps and games

Video games that allow players to indulge in their favourite sports, safely from the comfort of their sofas, have never been more popular than they are currently. Games such as the FIFA soccer series, NFL, NHL and NBA games are all doing brilliantly in the gaming charts, but developers have been trying hard to ensure their sports gaming franchises are not just confined to the realm of the video game console. As smart phones and tablets have come to the fore, game developers have viewed these new mediums as a way to continue player interactions with their games, releasing companion apps. Here are some of our favourites.

MyNBA2K14, 2K Sports

The excellent Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game NBA 2K14 was a hit with critics and gamers last year, and as such developers 2K Sports decided to release MyNBA2K14, a companion app that allows players to still interact with their favourite game even whilst on the go. Players can view their data concerning the console game’s MyPlayer and MyCareer game modes, and for the more competitive, online records and statistics are also available. If that wasn’t enough for hardcore fans, the app’s MyTeam Mobile feature allows players to collect NBA player cards, playing against friends through their smart phones.

Coral Mobile

For some the thrill of merely playing sports games will never be enough, and a little more excitement is always needed. Coral’s mobile app allows those that like a little extra excitement to keep on top of their favourite games from wherever they are. Managing wagers, watching statistics, viewing player details; this app is a must for those that like to consistently be in the know!

NHL 14 Ultimate Team Mobile App

Much like MyNBA2K14, EA Sports’ NHL 14 companion app allows players to keep tabs on their console forays even whilst out and about. Players can bid on auction house items, much like the console version, and can similarly trade players and items through said service. Player stats, game records and the like are all also available, making this a useful download for the NHL lover.

FIFA 15 Companion App

With this companion app, players can manage their Ultimate Team from wherever they are, managing their squads and optimizing their lineup, formation and chemistry. All of the more managerial aspects from the console game can be accessed and modified; consumables can be applied to keep players at the top of their game, a live transfer market is available to users, and the Ultimate Team store is constantly available meaning players will never miss out on those limited promotional deals and player packs.

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