Fitting World Cup Matches Into Gaming Time

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 By invited author jDevaun 

The knock-out stages of the FIFA World Cup are about to begin and while you may not have been bothered about keeping track of every Group stage match this is when the tournament starts to get a little more serious.

But how do you divide your time between gaming and the World Cup? Can you play games and keep an eye on the World Cup progress at the same time? It’s certainly possible if you have an Xbox One. Microsoft’s produced OneGuide, a TV integration feature that users can control the TV output via the console with a program guide display.

And for the duration of the World Cup, on the One Guide dashboard you can choose the Destination Brazil tile, so that you can switch straight to games that are in play whenever you want to. There’s also a snap app called Brazil Now which sends you notifications of what’s going on in Brazil as it happens – a match beginning or ending, a goal being scored, a red card handed out. The notifications pop-up as they would for an Achievement and you can slide them open to find out more when you’re ready, so your gaming is not interrupted until you choose for it to be.

Of course, if your interest in football outweighs your love of gaming, then you can always leave the console to one side and focus on each of the matches of the last sixteen teams in the tournament, giving each match your undivided attention. But if you find that you get a little fidgety during half-time or in the pre-match coverage, there are plenty of quick and easy games at online gaming sites to keep you entertained.

Slots are always great for filling a few minutes here and there and there’s a huge choice of slots that are themed around football – World Cup Mania or Football Star are just two examples. And many of the bingo sites have also got World Cup tie-ins at the moment. The bgo bingo World Cup promo is all about the face of bgo, Verne Troyer, and his pessimistic view of England’s chances (which has turned out to be entirely accurate). Participating players will receive 100% reload bonuses because England hasn’t made it through to the knock-out stages. Other bingo sites like TidyBingo have their own World Cup promos, with sweepstakes to enter for the winning team and the winner of the Golden Boot. If you have the winning team or player, you’ll receive bonus credit after the final has been played in Rio.

Bingo’s an ideal game to play when your focus is on the football as the only thing a player needs to decide is how much to spend on their tickets and which games to play. Once the game is in play, nothing a player does can affect the outcome of the result and because the software marks off the matching numbers on their cards, they don’t even have to do that. That leaves a player free to have a look at the progress of their cards, while they pay most of their attention to the match. If they have a winning card, the win will be credited automatically to their account. And with the bingo chat rooms, if you’re watching the match by yourself, you can share your thoughts on it with other players.

Given the fact that you can also play bingo on a mobile, it means you don’t have to have your TV screen split as you would when you were gaming on a console. Of course, the games that you play on consoles are generally far more involved than a game of bingo, but that’s exactly what you don’t need when you’re concentrating on the footie!

Author bio:  John’s a full-time accountant, part-time gamer and an England fan, but now those World Cup dreams are over (again), he’s decided to back the host nation through the rest of the tournament.


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