Iron Man Mode Fundraiser Finale

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On the 23rd of May, myself and a team of people who clearly didn’t have much on that weekend set out on a virtual flight around the world. In a nutshell, this was the master plan:


How did we get on? Well, it did end up taking three days in the end and it was one hell of a gruelling flight, but we manage to do it. More importantly, not only did we meet the charity target, but we got some of our bigger friends together, dragged the charity target around the back of the bleachers and beat the living crap out of it.

Although the target was $2,000, we raised at least $2,830 before the previous donation widget broke (I didn’t see the final total). That means we’ve raised over $4,300 since Iron Man Mode started!

I’ve changed over to the official Child’s Play widget, which has reset the counter. We’re on hiatus so the goal for this ‘season’ has been put back to a more modest $1000:


(update 15/01: I’ve since released a long-forgotten album – all donors get the extended edition)

And you can still donate using that widget above. This fundraiser will go on forever, and I’m sure Iron Man Mode will return for a season 4 of blogging and idiotic ideas before too long.

I’m yet to get caught up following the marathon, but as soon as I do I’ll update this page with an FAQ of how it all went and list everyone who helped spread the word. In the mean time, here’s the concluding video and the final crash landing for those of you who missed it (or, as we came to call it, the “Aggressive Reclaiming of the Ground”).


Thanks everyone. We all did a really good thing that weekend, and I love you all.

- Zeke x

Twitter: @IronManMode Google+: Zeke Iddon

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