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So the site has been pretty dormant of late, and I’ve avoided talking about it with much the same gusto as I avoid doing the dishes, though it never stops me  pointing at the sink and triumphantly yelling “I’m just letting them soak!”

Many of you have been wondering what’s up with the minimal posting schedule… or rather, many of you haven’t. And that’s the crux of the problem.

Traffic to the site has always been exceptionally high for a such a humble blog – like, really really really high – but I’ve increasingly felt that this is solely down to a few fairly random posts – that barely had anything to do with gaming – which went viral and keep bringing in traffic. The fact that we did a video with the infinitely-popular Dan Bull kinda helped too, but anyway.


The point here is that what is supposed to be the main backbone of this site, i.e the IMM game blogs, isn’t drawing people in and nor are people clicking through to check them out once they do arrive here at random. What’s worse (in my mind, at least) is that this high traffic isn’t converting into donations to the Child’s Play charity drive, which was the ultimate point of the site. I’ve tried everything imaginable to steer visitors that way over the past couple of years while we strive to put out entertaining and unique content, but it has been tough going.

Child's Play Charit
There’s also a touch of irony at play here. When I started Iron Man Mode, I had recently moved from being the lead writer for a company to a manager of other writers – it was a super high-pressure role and a lot less creative than I was used to. Given that writing had fallen out of my daily job, I used IMM to fulfil my need to write comedy and let off a little steam after hours. I originally tried frequenting strip clubs and doing coke instead, but Mrs. Iddon suggested that blogging was probably more wholesome.

Two years later and following a lot of soul-searching, I made the difficult decision to leave that job and return back to freelance writing, partly to give me more time to focus on projects that I felt emotionally attached to. The silly thing is that now I’m back to writing all day, five days a week, it’s tough to do sit down and do more writing ‘for fun’ in my spare time, y’know?

That’s where the video making came in. Maintaining a YouTube channel has become my new, creative outlet when I need to take a break from writing. And man, did I pick the stupidest hobby in the world – turns out that it takes roughly 9,000 hours of work to produce every three seconds of polished video, and writing for IMM has suffered as a result.

Procrastination flowchart

Weeks of putting off doing regular site upkeep quickly turned into months of only very sporadic activity, and in that time, I can count on one hand how many people have vocally noticed (or lamented) the lack of regular posts. All of the above combined has made it very difficult to mentally get back in the game.

However, I do not want this to be taken as a self-indulgant whine. I simply wanted to put my cards on the table and give the loyal readers – and there are some – an honest answer as to why I’ve let them down. I also feel a measure of responsibility and gratitude to Nate, who has selflessly written for the site from pretty much the beginning and even now has a good number of blog posts that he already wrote months ago, waiting for me to get my arse into gear and post them.

So This Is The End, Then?


It’d be foolish of me to suggest that I’m not looking to wrap up Iron Man Mode and spend time on other projects, but it’ll kill me if I just leave this whole thing hanging. Too much effort has been put in by others for me to just selfishly call it a day, half-finished. It’s also not fair to the people who have been reading along since the beginning.

So what is going to happen is this: I’m going to carry on posting Nate’s scheduled posts, as well as bring my own remaining adventures (FFVII and Gary’s Mod) to a satisfying close. Once we’ve both lost our one and only lives in the outstanding games, there will be one more tiny matter to contend with:

Going out with a bang, and bringing closure to the Child’s Play charity drive.

I’ve been planning something big for the ultimate end to Iron Man Mode. Like, so big I can barely look at it square-on without getting a migraine from all the planning it will require. This idea is like the friggin’ sun, dude.

More details – and content – to follow. In the coming couple of months, I endevour to make the last three years of IMM all worth it.

You only die once,
- Zeke


  1. Well, I used to be a good part of the site, and then kind of fell under the radar myself, for which honestly I should take full credit. I got busy, had other things come up, and the prospect of starting another venture just felt underwhelming, and since then I kind of let IMM go, which is a shame.

    IMM was a great thing to be a part of and I count myself lucky to have been one of the original people to help you guys with this. However, I can completely understand how it feels to be a part of something you feel you have lost the gusto for, or something that you feel others are allowing to go unnoticed. Yet, this should not detract from the original spirit of the project at all.

    I myself can say that I am heavily looking forward to your finale. I think it will be excellent and I will cheer you on the entire time, and help however I can! :)
    Allahweh recently posted..‘The Gaming Goddess’ Podcast – Season 5, Ep. 9: “Guild Gripes”My Profile

  2. Will you still feel a bit compelled to write or vlog at least a little something about games once this lovely site winds down?
    Emily King recently posted..[Podcast] Nerds Assemble 72: Worst Gaming Hang-upsMy Profile

    • Oh, definitely. I think video gaming is always going to be a big staple of the YouTube channel, and I still write on gaming for a few other sites. To boot, I’m not ruling out that I’ll leave the site forever after the big finale; I can imagine missing it terribly and coming back to it once I’ve got a few other plans out of my system. Just had to acknowledge that IMM had dropped down the priority list for now.


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