Sim City Entry #10: The Final Countdown

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Editor’s Note: As mentioned right at the beginning of this series, Sim City is a game which never really comes to a close. Not great material for an Iron Man Mode blog, no? That’s why – at the very outset – Nate decided that once we reach Post #11, he’ll unleash biblical-scale disaster on the very city he’d spent the previous ten posts building up.

This is the eve of destruction: post number #10…



As the final days came to a close on our fair city of Khantonia, we decided to take a look into the lives of people living in the city from various perspectives.

Richard R. Richington

Prominent business owner Richard Richington came to Khantonia to relax and enjoy the many venues of our city. While here, he rode on the SS Wealthy from the port, and visited the Washington Monument. He also took a tour of the Trade Headquarters, where they let him actually make a few suggestions for better improving Khantonia’s economy.

“It’s nice here, if you don’t mind the smell of industry just down the way,” Richard said, sipping his martini, “The people recycle their plastic and they drink unpolluted water. The wind farms are really nice, and they have plenty of parks to relax in. Not to mention this gorgeous twenty-nine floor luxury hotel!”


Lynda von Snippet

Lynda von Snippet is from Germany, visiting the United States of Khan for the first time. She rode the train from the airport two cities away, and decided to stay in the rustic Castle Retreat in downtown. Lynda is a clothing designer who brews beer in her spare time. She also owns a small sheep ranch.

“Vonderful little city, this Khantonia,” she said, gesturing at the taxi cab window, “Great shopping here. Und I like the advanced police department. Ja, keeps the criminals from snatching mein purse. Also, the beach is nice, if you like to svim and have goot time.”


Oscar Bogs

Oscar is a resident of Khantonia, only he lost his house to a fire caused by a second fireworks show hosted by the Khantonia fire department. Unable to afford a new house (mostly because he was fired from his job afterthey knocked down the Nuts and Bolts factory when the company went out of business), he now lives with his wife and three kids in the Ceedy Hotel on the edge of town. They have a good view of the industrial parks, as well as the sewage plant.

“Some days it don’t pay to live here,” Oscar said, having a beer in the lounge, “The traffic is bad, the buses are slow and the pollution is pretty bad. Yeah, it might be pretty to look at, all them tall buildings and neat monuments. But the cops can’t keep up with crime, and the fire department is over-worked. It won’t be long before the health care system falls behind, as well.”


Peter Yonkers

Peter is a high school student at the newly re-opened Zeke Iddon High School. They just voted on a new mascot, so they are now the Spittin’ Llamas. Peter is a model student and a basketball star, as well as working at the Khan Burger on the other side of town. His parents live in a modest house just several blocks away from the recycling center, and Peter lives in their basement. His hobbies are video games, girls and basketball.

“I can’t believe there’s no college here,” Peter says, catching a ball thrown to him by one of his teammates at practice, “I’m going to have to go elsewhere for higher education. That’s why there’s no high tech industry here. At least the crime is low and there’s enough to keep most kids out of trouble. I just wish we didn’t have to go to school all the time. And that the police would stop following us around in vans.”


Mayor EmCee Khan

The Mayor is a pretty laid back guy, with not a lot of time on his hands. Between signing bills and basically laying the foundations of the city’s growth, Khan tries to address his citizens’ complaints. Right now, he’s battling a protest for garbage problems in the city. Although most of it is shipped outside of the city, not everything is picked up. He always dresses in a suit and tie, even when doing TV interviews.

“Everything is so expensive, and our budget is just impossible,” Khan said, while pushing a protester’s sign out of his face, “I’m trying. I have two wind farms, a water pumping station, public works and other things to worry about on a regular basis. Thankfully, the weather’s been nice and the new monument has increased our tourism. Can’t say much for the city’s attitude right now, though. Always asking for something else.”


Major disaster today in the neighboring city of Norrington – meteors struck the city, destroying several large parts of it. Fires are still raging out of control, despite the best efforts of firefighters. Khantonia lent the city all three of its firetrucks and eight of its ambulances. The nation’s Disaster Recovery and Response Agency has arrived, offering aid to whoever needs it.

Scientists are baffled – there was no warning of any astral bodies landing on the Earth. When asked about the recent discovery of an ancient prophecy on the walls of a Simtec pyramid in Simexico, local scientist and archeologist Doug Digger had this to say:

“You can’t pin these kinds of disasters on loopy prophecies of ancient Simizations. That’s plain stupid,” Doug said, “All the people expecting Khantonia to experience mysterious and terrible disasters should relax – there’s no science behind these awful predictions.”

Local conspiracy analyst Thomas Darke doesn’t agree. “I think we’re doomed,” he said over the phone, from his fortified bunker under his house, “I have this feeling that some omnipotent force is going to strike us all dead really soon. Perhaps with giant waves or with meteors.”

The Mayor declined to comment.

See you next time.

- Nate (@EmCeeKhan)


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