Faster than Light: Chapter Two

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I chose the Mantis Sector over the one filled with Rebels. I really want to stay away from the rebels if I can help it. However, I just realized how dangerous it sounds. Mantis. Like the bug that eats all other bugs. The bugs where the female bug eats the male bugs at random. Too late to turn back now, guess I’ll just have to adjust. Zeke is whining over the intercom that we need to stop somewhere for space tea. I make him eat his weapon’s guy hat.

We pop into the first area. Scanners go into frantic mode.

However, as I travel around a little, I find out that the Mantis Sector is actually full of a lot of … nothing. That’s right – most of my encounters are just cruising through the void, making sure we don’t die. Of course, there’s one notable scuffle near the sector’s center, but it’s a pirate. We wipe that dude out. I hop over to a distress beacon, and I get this message instead:

Two hops later, we find a research station on fire. The crew is trying really hard to put it out, and I’m given the choice of sending the entire crew over in a shuttle to help, or docking my ship and taking on any survivors. I go with plan B, and we save a few researchers. Apparently, they are Mantis. How do I know? Because one of them joined my crew. I smile a bit – xeno exposure only seems to level my crew up. Of course, it matters a lot to have a new crewman on board. Even if he is green. And an icky bug. A eighth pair of hands never hurts. We give him a red uniform, not realizing our mistake  until it’s too late.

Jones is a Good Name for a Bug ...

We bypass a store, because we don’t have enough scrap to buy anything but more fuel. Need to save up for more weapons and maybe some drones. The next stop is over a station with a distress signal. I’m curious, so I send the crew over to investigate. There’s a plague that killed everyone. The crew tries to take very strong precautions. Unfortunately, we lose one crew member. Guess which one?

RIP CrewMantis Jones. LOL

Two hops later, and we’re fighting another Rebel scout protecting a cache on a station. Engaging it, I put Zeke on the Weapons station and Ms Zeke on the Shields console. I realize that firing first is more important than trying to dodge random enemy fire. This is a great strategy – my shots damage the scout’s engines and weapons sections, thus making it a sitting duck to my next volley.

KABOOM! Death animation.

And with that, the stations cache is ours. A ton of scrap, more fuel and more missiles. I’m starting to like this mission – it’s exciting! We reach the end of the Mantis sector and I’m relieved. I have plenty of fuel, a mostly undamaged vessel and everyone’s now a little more skilled at their jobs. PREPARE FOR THE NEXT LEAP!  Everyone braces themselves.


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  1. Oh, this should turn into the most interesting of stories as you progress… Muahaha >:D

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