Faster than Light: Chapter One

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So I guess you start out your mission in the civilian sector. Which means your just barely ahead of the rebel incursion that is chasing you down to stop you from delivering the vital information to the rest of the fleet. The music swells, my heart races, and I assign people to their duties before we make our first jump to the next beacon is space. Captain Khan is in Piloting, Zeke is in Weapons and Ms Zeke is in Engineering. What can I say? She’s a better mechanic that Zeke is.

Your Mission? Don't Die.

The first hop gives us some random debris worth 15 scrap. Well, that’s not very helpful, but at least we’re away from the expanding bubble on the side of the map that represents the rebels. The next hop is right into combat with a light scout fighter. We zero in on his weapons and engines, trying to knock him out quickly. If he jumps away, the rebels will be on our butts. Our shields hold out against his weak blaster, and two missiles later, he’s coming apart at the scenes. Literally. The death animations in this game are so slick.

We leap to a beacon that reads STORE but we don’t have a lot of scrap to use to buy anything useful. However, I do learn that by clicking on the SHIP icon at the top of the screen, I can upgrade my ship with scrap I collect. That’s useful – I can increase our engines and our power. That should come in handy later. Some of my crew have gained experience (Khan and Zeke) so that’s a good thing, too.

I see a ship in distress on the map. I wonder what good that will do to help other ships out? Taking a chance (and the fact that it’s directly on our way to the exit point), we go to the signal and find a pirate wedged into an asteroid. I could just kill the pirate and take the remains OR I could free the pirates by blasting the rock. I chose to be kind and free the pirates. They don’t attack – instead, they give me two more missiles, some scrap, a scan of the map and a drone. Yay! We tool it out of there, on our way to the exit jump point.

The next encounter is the same as our first – it’s another rebel attacker. He damages my hull, I destroy his, job well done.

I find out entirely by accident that if you station someone at a location that has an outline above it, you get a bonus. So I got a bonus from Zeke being in the shield room, and Ms Zeke being in the Engine room. We evade more than half the attacks, while everything seems to hit the little enemy ship. He breaks apart, and we collect some crap. Eventually, I have a feeling the crap will be less crappy. At least I hope so.

We reach the exit of the Civilian Sector, and the map looks something like this:

I click the Next Sector button, to see exactly what my choices are. I’m sort of surprised but not surprised.

Both options are hostile.

And I chose the …


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