#628 – Stealth

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I figure by now that the hardcore subscribers to the Syndicate blog have somehow let slip to the masses how we’ve been covertly communicating, and making it look like I haven’t been updating this blog. (Geoff, I’m looking at you… By the way, that Glade plug-in is *well* overdue a change mate).

If I’m honest, I didn’t want to over-load the server with the immense traffic that fully publishing would have resulted in, and considering it is my own server I feel that was a wise decision.

If I am honest a second time, all of the above is crap.  I’ve been too busy trying to earn a living (and occasionally filming Zeke falling over in “power legs”) and have also realised that, what with this being a comedy blog, my rantings weren’t actually that entertaining.

I hereby challenge our readers to continue the Syndicate blog.  If you feel that you can provide some amusement to the masses in the form of this classic game (and you will have to continue from my savegame), you can come on board.  Send a mail to sp1z@ironmanmode.com to be judged^H^H^H^H^H^H considered.

Sp1z…. out.


  1. Well, I don’t think all my videos or blog posts so far are “amusing” or comedic, LOL, but I will be interested to see what others can come up with! :)
    Allahweh recently posted..Watch me Play “Bastion” for the Iron Man Mode Charity Project!My Profile

  2. Ha! Nice one!
    Damien Sanderson recently posted..#1 – Off to the Bastion!My Profile

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